eBook & audiobook update

We’re streamlining our eBook and audiobook collections onto a single platform: BorrowBox.

This means our collection on Libby and ULibrary is relocating, and from Monday 26 February onwards, BorrowBox will be the place to go for all your digital reading and listening needs. This change will make it easier than ever to enjoy free eBooks and audiobooks from your Library. No more switching between apps!

But don’t delete Libby – it will still be the home of digital magazines, newspapers, and other digital content like Craftsy. Find out all the details below.

What’s changing

+ All eBooks and audiobooks on BorrowBox

From 26 February, all our eBooks and audiobooks will be available exclusively on BorrowBox. Our collection on Libby will relocate there on that date – after that, there will be no eBooks or audiobooks on Libby anymore. ULibrary will no longer be available through our service.


What’s staying the same

+ Same range of great titles

More than 90% of the titles currently on Libby will be available on BorrowBox, while we’re also working to add lots of new ones. You’ll have even more choice than before, plus you won’t have to keep switching between apps to find what you’re looking for!

+ Other digital content on Libby

Apart from eBooks and audiobooks, everything else on Libby will still be available. Including digital magazines, newspapers through PressReader, movies through iNDIEFLIX, creative courses through Craftsy, and lots more besides. Find out more here.


How to make the switch

If you’re a BorrowBox user already, you don’t need to do anything. After 26 February, you’ll simply notice there are lots more eBooks and audiobooks available on the app.

If you’ve not used BorrowBox before, it’s easy to get started. Just download the app from your app store and log in with your library card number and PIN. Find step-by-step instructions here, or watch this handy explainer video.

Our team are here to help. If you get stuck or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch – email us [email protected] or give us a call on 720392.


Q. Why the change?

For many years the Library has subscribed to three different eBook platforms: BorrowBox, Libby, and ULibrary. This was chiefly because publishers tended to license their books exclusively to one platform but not the others, meaning we had to subscribe to all of them to provide a comprehensive collection.

However, recently publishers have started licensing to multiple platforms – so we’ve decided to consolidate all our collections onto BorrowBox. This makes life easier for eBook readers like you, because you don’t have to keep switching between apps to find the titles you’re looking for. It also frees up staff time and saves the Library money on subscription fees, which we can invest into expanding the collection to offer you an even wider selection to choose from.


Q. Will all the eBooks and audiobooks that are currently on Libby be moving to BorrowBox?

Almost. Over 90% of the titles we have on Libby will be migrating to BorrowBox. A small number will be lost, but we’ll also be adding lots of new titles, too – so the collection as a whole will be larger. We’re sure you’ll find something fantastic to borrow!


Q. Can I still get magazines and newspapers on Libby?

Yes! Other than eBooks and audiobooks, nothing is changing – you can still find magazines, newspapers, and loads more amazing digital content on Libby. Find out more here.

Q. If I borrow a book on Libby before 26 February, will it still be on loan to me when it moves to BorrowBox?

Unfortunately not. You can always borrow it again after making the switch to BorrowBox – but if possible, we recommend you try to finish it before Monday 26 February.


Q. What’s happening to ULibrary?

Our subscription to ULibrary is discontinuing, meaning ULibrary will no longer be available through our service. If you’re a ULibrary user, we’d encourage you to make the switch to BorrowBox from Monday 26 February.