Fab Lab

The Jodie Knight Fab Lab

Welcome to the Fab Lab, a new room in the Library providing community access to cutting-edge technology.

It’s a place to collaborate, share knowledge, and be inspired. A place to play, to learn, to create – a place where anyone can make almost anything.


The Fab Lab is home to thirteen digital fabrication machines including a 3D printer, A1 printer and vinyl cutter, plus graphic design and music production software, empowering people to make things using technology they would not generally have access to at home.

Perfect if you’ve got a small business, a hobby, or you’re just looking to learn a new skill.

Want to use the Fab Lab? Find out more below.


The Fab Lab has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the Guernsey Community Foundation.


How to use the Fab Lab

To use the Fab Lab you must a) be at least 9 years old, b) be a Library member, and c) have a 10-minute Fab Lab induction on your first visit.

The Fab Lab is open during normal Library opening hours, though it may depend on staff availability - please book before your visit through our booking system.


Use of the Fab Lab is FREE, with a charge for consumables such as T-shirts, mugs, bags, vinyl, etc. See our PRICE LIST here.

The Fab Lab is supervised by Library staff at all times and is used at your own risk. Staff can help you get started on all the machines, but for more detailed learning we encourage you to teach yourself using our handy user guides and Fab Lab reading list.

Once you've had your induction, make sure to read our Fab Lab Induction Document.


Can children use the Fab Lab?

Children under 9 are not permitted in the Fab Lab. Children aged 9-16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian for their induction - children 12+ can then use the Fab Lab unaccompanied, while children aged 9-11 require parental supervision during all visits. 9-11 year-olds cannot use the Heat press, Mug press or Dremel independently (parents or staff can do so for them) but they can use all other equipment if supervised.

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Fab Lab block 3
Fab Lab block 4

Fab Lab machines

The Jodie Knight Fab Lab

The Fab Lab is dedicated to the memory of Jodie Knight, our former Deputy Chief Librarian and Chief Librarian Designate, who passed away from cancer in 2020 at the age of 44.

Jodie loved the Library, and she was instrumental in driving forward many improvements to the service in recent years. The Fab Lab had long been a dream of hers. Jodie’s wish was for donations in her name to be made to the Library – any money donated in this way has gone into the development of this exciting new space.

Jodie is dearly missed by her friends and colleagues at the Library. We are all proud to have known her, and we feel sure that she too would be proud of this new chapter in the Library story.





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