Fab Lab

The Jodie Knight Fab Lab

Welcome to the Fab Lab, a space in the Library providing community access to cutting-edge technology. It’s a place to collaborate, share knowledge, and be inspired. A place to play, to learn, to create – a place where anyone can make almost anything. 

The Fab Lab is home to thirteen digital fabrication machines including a 3D printer, A1 printer and vinyl cutter, plus graphic design and music production software, empowering you to make things using technology you might not have access to at home. Perfect if you’ve got a small business, a hobby, or you’re just looking to learn a new skill. Scroll down to see the latest Fab Lab events!

Each booking is for a maximum of 2 people per machine.

Want to use the Fab Lab? Find out more using the links below. If you'd prefer to talk to someone, you can call us on 01481 720392 or email [email protected]. Make sure you read the terms of use here before booking. 

Looking to book a group workshop? Contact us at [email protected] to pre-arrange. Group workshops are possible for a maximum of 6 people, for educational purposes and for community events.

The Fab Lab has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the Guernsey Community Foundation.


Fab Lab Events

Welcome to the Fab Lab

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