How to use the Fab Lab

To use the Fab Lab you must a) be at least 9 years old, b) be a Library member, and c) have a 10-minute Fab Lab induction on your first visit.

  • The Fab Lab is open during normal Library opening hours, though it may depend on staff availability.
  • To use the Fab Lab please book before your visit through our online booking system. Each booking is for a maximum of 2 people per machine. For groups or workshops please contact us directly first.
  • Use of the Fab Lab is FREE, with a charge for consumables such as T-shirts, mugs, bags, vinyl, etc. See our PRICE LIST here.

The Fab Lab is supervised by Library staff at all times and is used at your own risk. Staff can help you get started on all the machines, but for more detailed learning we encourage you to teach yourself using our handy user guides and Fab Lab reading list.

Once you've had your induction, make sure to read our Fab Lab Induction Document.

Can children use the Fab Lab?

  • 0-8years - Children aged under 9 are not permitted in the Fab Lab
  • 9-11years - Children aged between 9-11 always need to be accompanied by an parent/guardian
  • 12-15 years - Young people aged between 12-15 can use the Fab Lab unaccompanied but MUST have a parent/guardian present for their initial induction.
  • 16-18 years – Young adults aged between 16-18 can use the Fab Lab independently and do not need an accompanying parent/guardian for their initial induction.

There is ALWAYS a staff member in the Fab Lab for machine guidance. All children aged between 9-15 cannot use the heat press, mug press, heat gun or Dremel drill independently and MUST ask the staff member to operate these machines on their behalf.

Got a question? Email us at [email protected] or call us on 01481 720392.

Want to know more? Explore the Fab Lab machines!


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