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How do I borrow eBooks?

Use the number on your library card and your 4-digit PIN code to sign up for one of the services above. Download the app on your mobile device or click the links above to browse on your desktop.

Choose an eBook or audiobook title you like the look of and click 'Borrow'. It will be loaned to you for three weeks - at the end of this period, it will return to the library automatically (unless you choose to renew).

If a book you want is out on loan to someone else, you can reserve it.


Which platform should I use first?

BorrowBox and Libby both offer wide selections of eBooks and audiobooks, with some overlap but exclusive titles on each. BorrowBox has a great collection of popular titles with a particular focus on British authors. Libby has the largest collection and also offers digital magazines and other content through the same app.

ULibrary is audiobooks only, with a number of author exclusives including Jeffrey Archer, Ann Cleeves and more.


Can I borrow eBooks on my Kindle?

No, unfortunately our apps aren't available on Kindle - but you can use most other devices including smartphones, iPads, Amazon Fire Tablets, and Kobo e-readers.


What happened to RB Digital?

RB Digital was bought by Libby's parent company overdrive, meaning libraries like ours that subscribed to that service transitioned their collections to Libby in March 2021.


How do I use Libby?

Download the Libby app from your app store and read this simple User Guide for next steps.

Libby User Guide



How do I use BorrowBox?

Download the BorrowBox app from your app store. Select your library ('Guille-Alles Library'). Then enter your library card number (just the digits) and your PIN code. Read this user guide or watch this video for a handy explainer. BorrowBox also has accessibility features to enable everyone to experience the joy of books and storytelling. Features include a dyslexia-friendly font and customizable text size on the eReader, as well as having control over the speed of the audio on the eAudioplayer.

BorrowBox User Guide video



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