Freshly planted gardening books to help you get growing

14th March 2024
Freshly planted gardening books to help you get growing

The days are getting longer, the sun is (sometimes) shining, and it’s finally starting to feel like Spring. If you're feeling the urge to get outside and start growing, we’ve got the books you need! From inspiration to help your small spaces pop, to top tips for vegetable growing, we’ve gathered 12 great new gardening books to help you along the way.

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1. Small Gardens: Essential Know-How and Expert Advice for Gardening Success – Zia Allaway

Discover how to design, create, and maintain a beautiful small garden. Ideal for first-time gardeners, Grow Small Gardens contains everything you need to create a garden in a small space, without compromising on design or beauty. Make the most of your windowsill, balcony, roof terrace, courtyard, or tiny urban garden with clever design tricks to create the illusion of more space, advice on planting to ensure seasonal interest and encourage wildlife, and detailed aftercare to keep your plants flourishing year after year.


2. Patios & Courtyards: Practical Ideas for Backyards, Terraces, and Small Gardens – Joan Clifton and Jenny Hendy

Packed with creative ideas for making a successful outdoor space of every shape and size. There is advice on flooring, walls and screens, containers, structures, furniture, ornaments, water features and lighting. Inspirational examples are presented alongside step-by-step instructions to explain how to create the features shown.


3. Roses: Discover Their Potential, Choose the Best, Grow With Confidence – Michael V. Marriot

New to roses or just want to know more about this wonderful plant? Explore easy to follow instructions and accessible text, showcasing the different types of roses available as well as how to grow them. Key to this books is the “Rose selector" that gives you the key information about roses for your garden - from front of border beauties to shady wall show-offs.

4. How to Garden When You’re New to Gardening – Lucy Philpott RHS

Get to know your garden and choose plants that will grow well in particular soil types and conditions year after year. From planting and training decorative climbers, to designing seasonal hanging basket displays, and growing your own tomatoes, these are the small jobs that will make a huge difference to how your garden looks and feels.

Take the anxiety out of planting, potting, and pruning and make the most of your precious patch of land.


5. Happy Indoor Garden – Miranda Janatka

A happy plant makes for a happy home and a happy life; find the right plant for each room.

Indoor plants have never been so important as we realise the power of their presence in making us feel calmer and more connected to nature. But dying plants around the house are negatives you could do without! This unique guide from an indoor plant expert explains what plants you should keep in each room, and whereabouts.


6. The Gardening Book – Monty Don

Monty's new book is a revolutionary new guide to the basics. Whether you want to grow your own veg or plant the perfect herbaceous border, gardening to create a relaxing oasis or to connect more with nature, The Gardening Book shows you what to plant, where and when to plant it, and how to plant it. It will arm you with the knowledge and confidence to make any garden bloom.

7. Rekha's Kitchen Garden: Seasonal Produce and Home-Grown Wisdom From One Gardener's Allotment Year – Rekha Mistry

Welcome to Rekha's Kitchen Garden: a North London allotment that is bursting with the very best seasonal produce all year round. This isn't your average introduction to growing your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Packed with personality and stunning photography, this is a celebration of more than 40 seasonal crops that will inspire you to make the most of your allotment or kitchen garden.


8. The Money-Saving Gardener: Create Your Dream Garden at a Fraction of the Cost – Anya Lautenbach

Beat the rising cost of living and transform your garden on a budget with Anya the Garden Fairy.

The Money-Saving Gardener reveals the tips and tricks to keeping costs down without compromising on style or impact. Learn how to repurpose what you have, make the most of so-called garden "waste", and boost your plant collection for next to nothing with seed-saving and propagation hacks.


9. Designing, Planting and Using a Therapeutic Garden – Sue Jeffries

The benefits of therapeutic gardens, where users can interact with plants for the purpose of moving towards a specific outcome or meeting a particular need, is increasingly being recognized in healthcare and beyond. An appreciation of how the garden will be used is an essential part of its design, so this book also outlines therapeutic activities and ideas, making it a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, counsellors, teachers, activity co-ordinators, social prescribers and occupational therapists who are looking to use horticulture in their therapeutic practice too.

10. The Garden Problem Solver: Year-Round Troubleshooting for Every Gardener – Gardener’s World

Guided by the team of experts at Gardeners' World - including advice from Monty Don, Alan Titchmarsh, Carol Klein, Arit Anderson, Adam Frost and more - The Garden Problem Solver contains the practical tips, tricks and techniques to deal with the obstacles that every home gardener has to face.

Broken down into easy-to-follow steps, this handy guide will help you anticipate, avoid and troubleshoot the most common garden problems which crop up when growing your favourite fruit, veg, flowers and more.


11. Fruit: Essential Know-How and Expert Advice for Gardening Success – Holly Farrell

A must-have volume for first-time gardeners, Grow Fruit has tons of tips and tricks to sow, grow, plant and propagate a diverse range of fruit, from plums to persimmons, blackcurrants to blueberries, this grower's guide truly has it all! Try your hand at more than 40 different varieties of fruit trees, bushes, canes and vines, including allotment plot staples such as damsons and blackcurrants, as well as lesser-grown options like kiwis and pineapple guavas.


12. The Vegetable Grower’s Handbook: Unearth Your Garden’s Full Potential – Huw Richards

A recent study suggests 38% of British adults use their gardens to grow herbs and vegetables. But with the ever-growing pressure of balancing family life with a career, a lot of today's green-fingered gardeners simply lack time for vegetable growing. Huw is on a mission to change that!

Whatever your horticultural hopes may be, Huw Richards brings you a veg-growing guide that is sure to shape the next generation of green-fingered gardeners like never before, full of top tips on smart gardening, without compromising on time, effort or money.


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