Seed Library

Sow, grow, save and share!

In the corner of Clifton Room on the first floor, you'll find the Seed Library - drawers full of donated seeds. These seeds have been brought in by members of the community, so that everyone can share in the joy of growing their own - for free! In the drawers you'll find a huge variety of seeds, from vegetables and flowers, to herbs and fruit. 

Want to get involved?

  • Come along to the Library and take a look through the seed drawers.
  • Pick the packets you'd like and take them home to sow.
  • If you let some of your plants set seed, you can save these seeds and bring a few back in to donate by dropping them at the counter in reception. Then the cycle will start again! 

While you're in Clifton, don't forget to browse the huge collection of gardening and growing books - great for top tips and inspiration. Any questions? Email [email protected]

Don't forget to let some of your vegetables or flowers set seed. Collect these in an envelope to sow again the following year - and return some to the Library for others to borrow!