Local Writers

How can the Library help local writers?

  • A quiet space: we're open 6 days a week including late night opening on Tuesdays & Thursdays. We've got great spots to sit and write, from the bustling window seats of the Assembly Room, to the quiet calm of the Hayward Room. See our opening hours here.
  • Research & inspiration: our collection gives you free access to tens of thousands of books on a huge variety of subjects. It's also a great place for people watching!
  • Writing help: we have a whole section on help for writers, whatever stage of the journey you're at - check out the carousel below to take a look.

Scroll down for more handy resources and useful links.

Useful links
  • The NaNoWriMo website is a great place to start your novel-writing journey. Join their online community to feel the support of a whole group of writers attempting the same feat. There's also a tracker, where you can enter your word count each day and track your progress towards the ultimate goal.
  • The Novel Factory has shared their ultimate 'Character Questionnaire' for free online. It's a list of questions to help writers add detail and depth to their characters. You can sign up to the Novel Factory to access more of their online support and resources.
  • The National Centre for Writing has a great website full of free writing guides, podcasts and interviews to help you become a productive writer. They also host a range of free online courses including ways to supercharge your writing and knowing your publishing options.
  • Dubbed "the best of literary internet", LITHUB curates daily and weekly lists of informative articles from across the literary spectrum. An engaging source of information and inspiration should you need it. 
  • Take a look at The Writers Edit blog '7 Tips for Establishing a Writing Routine'. A great list including some writing techniques to try yourself.
  • Writer's HQ has a great page of writing exercises, prompts and hacks. From switching up your writing point of view, working on dialogue and even using a procrastination session to work up a book cover idea - there's lots to get you thinking. It also has a rolling list of competitions and submission opportunities to help spur you on. 

We often host events and workshops to support local writers. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see what's on.

Events for writers