Pathways to Publishing

Pathways to Publishing

Pathways to Publishing
Tuesday 28 March 18:30-20:00 in the Hayward Room, second floor

Have you written a book? Want to get published but not sure where to start?

Pathways to Publishing is an event for serious writers with finished manuscripts who are wondering what to do next.

Jane Mosse ( 'Barking Mad, Confessions of a Dog-Sitter,' 'Stark Raving Bonkers') and Jenny O'Brien (The Detective Gaby Darin novels) have extensive knowledge of the publishing world and will draw on their respective experiences to help you decide how best to move your manuscript forward. Both writers will introduce themselves and their work before sharing information and advice for those working towards being published. This will include self vs. traditional publishing, the editing process, demystifying the literary agent, and how to know when your manuscript is truly finished.

Tea and coffee available.

This event has limited spaces and booking is required.

If you are interested in attending this event, please email Theo [email protected], letting us know what stage of the writing process you are at. 


About Jane: Jane Mosse began her writing career researching a series of waterways guides for Harper Collins. Her first book 'Guernsey Legends' (a joint project with local artist Frances Lemmon), was published by Blue Ormer. She went on to self-publish two novels and is now working on her third. She also works as a proof-reader and editor.

About Jenny: Jenny O’Brien is a hybrid author with over 15 years in the business. She initially self published before securing a 6 book deal with Harper Collins, in addition to the services of a literary agent. She’s currently working on a new book, which comes out in October.