Double Window art exhibition

Double Window art exhibition

DOUBLE WINDOW: An exhibition of artworks produced by inmates of Les Nicolles Prison.

From 15 January to 1 February we're teaming up with Art for Guernsey to host a free exhibition of artworks produced by inmates of Guernsey's Les Nicolles Prison.

The works will be spaced throughout the entirety of the Library, with many placed near books that are relevant to the content of the piece. Follow the trail and find them all!

Here's a message from Art for Guernsey's David Ummels explaining more about the exhibition:

"Art for Guernsey has a strong remit to bring art where it is most needed, and that motivated us to align our efforts with CLiP (Creative Learning in Prison) to build a project that inspires prisoners to better integrate into the community and acquire new skills, thus reducing the likelihood of their reoffending. As the inmates opened up to us about their artworks and the impact that spending time on creative pursuits has had on them, we were astounded by the role that art has in promoting their wellbeing, personal development and self-esteem.

We were also impressed by the art teachers who go into the prison: week after week they inspire, guide and encourage – they really are doing a fantastic job. Last but not least, we were humbled by the artists themselves, who in many cases achieved a phenomenally high standard of art, and whose candour gave us an insight into their experiences, thoughts and hopes for the future.

Double Window is intended as a non-judgmental platform from which to create intelligent dialogue surrounding incarceration and what it aims to achieve. I hope you will join me to look through the window at the artworks, and lives, of our artists."

Throughout the exhibition's run, Victim and Witness Support Guernsey will have an information stand in our Entrance Hall, with staff on hand on Saturdays.