6 reasons to love Late Night Library

30th October 2019
6 reasons to love Late Night Library

October 2019 ushered in the launch of our Late Night Library campaign, which sees the Library staying open until 21.00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Here are six reasons why this might be great news for you…


1. Books

Guess what? The Library has books! Lots of books. Thousands and thousands and thousands of books. Who knew!?
If you previously found it difficult to get here during normal office hours, you can now take the opportunity to pop in after work or after school to borrow and return books, browse our collection, and find your next great read.

2. Study Space

The Library offers extensive quiet study space in the Hayward Room, Dorey Room, and elsewhere – and now you can make use of it in the evenings, too.
If you’re studying for school exams, accountancy exams, or any other qualification, grab yourself a desk and a hit of caffeine from our coffee machine, and settle in for a productive evening.

3. Games

On dark winter nights, what could be better than a steaming cup of coffee, the company of good friends, and a great board game?
We have exciting new games like Ticket to Ride, Sushi Go! and Obama Llama, family favourites like Scrabble, Monopoly and Connect 4, as well as classics like Chess and Draughts, all available to be played in the Library. It’s never a bad night for a board game night!
And if you prefer your games of the ‘video’ variety, there’s an Xbox waiting in the Clifton Lounge, just itching to be played. Ready player one…

4. Events

Opening late on a regular basis means we can hold lots more of our own events and activities. Events that have already taken place, or are about to, include: LEGO Nights in the Children’s Library, creative writing workshops, IT classes, Living History tours of our building, a Quiet Hour for people with autism, and much more.

5. Clubs

The Library has several meeting rooms that can be hired for free by outside clubs and organisations. If you’d like to use the Library for an evening club, drop-in, or event, get in touch.

6. Atmosphere

In the words of J.K. Rowling, “to me, a library is truly a place of magic.” And it’s never more magical than after dark.
Come and enjoy the lovely night-time atmosphere, as the lighting dims in the Children’s Library and people curl up reading in quiet corners. Keep your eyes on those librarians – did they just make that book fly back onto the shelf! Is that a wand!?


If you have a question or suggestion for Late Night Library, get in touch on 720392 or email ga@library.gg