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Lit with Liberate: The Night Brother

Lit with Liberate: The Night Brother

Lit with Liberate in will meet in July to discuss The Night Brother by Rosie Garland. The novel shifts tantalisingly between day and night, exploring questions of identity, sexual equality and how well we know ourselves.

Rich are the delights of late nineteenth-century Manchester for young siblings Edie and Gnome. They bicker, banter, shout and scream their way through the city’s streets, embracing its charms and dangers. But as the pair mature, it is Gnome who revels in the night-time, while Edie is confined to the day. She wakes exhausted each morning, unable to quell a sickening sense of unease, and confused at living a half-life.

Reaching the cusp of adulthood, Edie’s confusion turns to resentment and she is determined to distance herself from Gnome once and for all. But can she ever be free from someone who knows her better than she knows herself?

Exploring the furthest limits of sexual and gender fluidity, this is a story about the vital importance of being honest with yourself. Every part of yourself. After all, no-one likes to be kept in the dark.

This is a free reading group that is 18+ and open to all. There’s no need to book.